Hossein Faraji
Born: 11,01,1943
in: Tehran, IRAN

1989-1996 : " Doctor of Philosophy-Sociology, Hamburg University, Germany
1972-1975 : " MA Sociology, Tehran University, Iran
1969-1971 : " Infantry Collage, Iranian Imperial Army, Shiraz, Iran
1965-1969 : " BA Public Administration, Tehran University
1963-1965 : " Certificate in Management, Tehran University
1963      : " High School Diplom in Mathematics
since 2000 : " Taking part in courses of applied Medicine (Heilpraktiker Ausbildung)

Professional Experiences:
1979-2001 : " Private Sector, Self employed

1968-1979" The Municipality of Tehran

1974-1977 : " Member of educational staff in School of law and Public Administration ,Qum - IRAN

Researches and Publications:
1974-1977 : "Member of educational staff in School of law and Public Administration ,Qum - IRAN:
    - Job Classification
    - Cooperative Societies
    - Urban Economics , reader for teaching in a course under the same title, readers for the course of "Structure and Function of Iranian Governmental Organisation"
    - Urban and Rural Sociology and public administrative and judicial Organization of Iran
    - Research about the aspiration of the employees of the Municipality of Tehran"
since 1983 : " Theoritical studies and Practical Training in Mysticism:
    - TM (Trancendental Meditation) and TM Siddhi
    - The Essential of Jalal al-Din Rumi , Maulana
    - Fosous al-Hekam , Mohiedin Ibn-e Arabi
    - Bhagavad Gita and Mahabharata
1997-01 : " Practicing Mysticism in 90 sessions in Hamburg, teaching a group of interested persons and sharing the personal experinces in Mysticism. (Delivering Lectures in Mysticism and Practical Training five Meditation Technics)

1989-1996 : " Social Studies about the different aspects of Iranaian Immigration´s Life Style in Hamburg. The result of Which is published in German as a Ph.D. thesis under the title of "Iranisches Leben in Hamburg

" In Commission the ministry of Internal as a member of five person study, classifying jobs, preparing Organizational and loan charts for 483 Iranian cities, organizing the cities into 12 categories on the basis of the Population and their public income. This Project was approved by the Iranian Parliament.